17. April 2015 | Research & Development

Melt spun fibers based on compostable biopolymers for application in automotive interiors

The project BIOFIBROCAR (funded within the 7th European Framework Programme under “Research for SMEs”) started in 2013 and aims at the substitution of polyester and polypropylene fibers currently applied in car interior by PLA fibers.

PLA fibers are produced from renewable raw material. Special additives lead to defined improvements of properties like abrasion resistance, light fastness or flame retardancy which are of great importance with respect to the materials parameter required by the car industry. PLA fibers with specifically adjusted melting points allow furthermore an application of technologies generally used in the production of moulded components.

Nine partners (four research institutions and five SMEs) coming from three countries (Germany, Spain and the Netherlands) belong to the project consortium. The Spanish textile research institute AITEX acts as coordinator of the project. The PLA fibers produced and modified at AITEX, are processed at STFI within technical trials into nonwovens for the production of moulded components. As well as they are used to generate the so-called soft touch effect. The Institut für Textiltechnik Aachen (ITA) is developing a woven fabric based on PLA filament yarns for decorative materials. All three components are combined into a composite tested as door panel and consisting of 100% bio-based material.

Visit STFI in Frankfurt/Main in hall 3.1, booth H38; ITA in hall 3.0, booth D05.

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