10. August 2015 | Research & Development

Prof. Kang, Tae Jin, will introduce „Industry 4.0“ in South-Korea

Prof. Kang, Tae Jin, Seoul National University, was ceremoniously given farewell on 10 August after a four-weeks-stay at Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University. Prof. Kang - one of the most respected professors in textile research worldwide – will publicise and popularise the topic „Industry 4.0“ in South-Korea.

The field of mechanical engineering is very important in South-Korea. The real term revenues of textile machinery production in South-Korea increased from € 48 billion in 2013 to € 53 billion in 2014. South-Korea survived a weaker phase recently and takes an active part in the midtech-machines landscape. The investments are in-creasing again. The “Internet of Things” – i.e. the computer’s re-placement through „intelligent items“ like e.g. minituraturised com-puters in garments – is a technology theme of importance (source: Branchenbericht Maschinenbau, Commerzbank).

“Industry 4.0” is a part of “Internet of Things”. It enables a high flexi-ble production through a paradigm change from centralised to decentralised augmented control systems. Prof. Kang will introduce „Industry 4.0“ as a subject in South-Korea at research facilities and small and medium-sized enterprises in detail. The point of time is ideal to promote „Industry 4.0“ and thereby an effortless and frictionless communication of equipment and plants. „ We can manage to make a direct contribution to the progress in South-Korea through the successful cooperation with Prof. Kang“, Prof. Gries confidently feels. „We are looking forward to our further teamwork. “

Prof. Kang was bestowed on 20 July 2015 with Kármán-Fellowship of RWTH Aachen University for his long service to cultivate the Ger-man-Korean collaboration. He has maintained a close collaboration with Prof. Gries of ITA. Now he will like to publicise the German mode of functioning in South-Korea, i.e. the collaboration with uni-versities, institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises. So he supports the German-Korean cooperation
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