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Specific needs of composite production

Traversierende Qualitätskontrollsystem - Qualiscan QMS-12
Traversing quality control system - Qualiscan QMS-12
Source: Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG
Composites have an enormous impact on our lives, whether in the job or the leisure environment.The materials made from two or more constituent components like glass fibers have conquered nearly all sectors from automobile over construction to renewable energies. To tap their full potential, however, the production process of applying the correct amount of material must work optimally. At JEC 2019, German machine builder Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG presents the perfect tool for gauging and controlling web-based materials: the Qualiscan QMS-12.

The traversing quality control system determines crucial parameters such as basis weight, density, thickness or coating add-on. Knowing the exact figures of the single composite materials is a great advantage for every composite producer. It helps not only to improve the products’ quality but also to save energy and costs. As a modular system consisting of multiple sensors and scanners, the Qualiscan QMS can be tailored to individual needs and tasks. For the challenges of composite production, Mahlo has a specialist in its portfolio. The beta sensor Gravimat DFI measures the basis weight and is unaffected by uneven web – often a problem with composites. It produces precise measuring results, regardless whether the degrees of drying, density or thickness change. The sensor traverses along the running product web without interruption and distributes the incoming measuring rays to different areas of the detector surface by means of a multi-channel receiver. Because of the exact offsetting of the measuring values the actual basis weight signal is maintained unchanged, regardless of the position of the product web in the measuring gap.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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