08. April 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Erhardt+Leimer celebrates its 100th anniversary

100 Jahre Erhardt+Leimer
Proud of the 100 years of Erhardt+Leimer: Hannelore Leimer, Chairperson of the Board since 1977, and Dr Michael Proeller, CEO
Source: Erhardt+Leimer
Erhardt+Leimer GmbH from Stadtbergen is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Founded as a workshop in 1919, over the years the company has grown into an international high-tech industrial business with more than 1,600 employees and now very successfully occupies a special niche in automation technology worldwide: the guiding and inspection of all materials that are produced and processed in the form of moving webs. Among other events, a major gala evening in May and a "training day" are planned.

In 1919 Manfred Erhardt founded a workshop that was initially dedicated to the sale and servicing of industrial clocks and signal systems. Six years later, Albert Leimer joined the company; the square in front of the E+L headquarters in the Leitershofen district of Stadtbergen on the western edge of Augsburg is named after him. In 1935 E+L started to develop and manufacture the first precision mechanical units for the local textile industry. In parallel with the upturn in the textile businesses, the company grew and specialized in web guiding units for the automatic guiding of the web in textile machines. Then in 1960, Erhardt+Leimer expanded its area of activity to the paper and film/foil industries; later the printing, packaging, non-woven fabric and tire industries were added. Materials are produced or processed in web form in all these sectors. As early as 1995 the company pioneered digital technology and introduced camera technology into its automation systems as standard, in 2000 the company became involved in inspection technology. Today the Erhardt+Leimer group is a global business with subsidiaries and branch offices all over the world and a broad portfolio in the area of automation, measuring and inspection technology for the production and processing of materials in web form. The innovative power of the company is apparent in the number of patents it holds: by 2018 it held 782 national or international patent applications, patents and utility models.

Family-run by the 3rd generation
At the top of the family-run business along with Hannelore Leimer, daughter of company co-founder Albert Leimer and Chairperson of the Board since 1977, her nephew Dr Michael Proeller is CEO. Today she largely leaves the operative business to the members of the board, however her vast entrepreneurial experience continues to be in demand: "in a family business the transition from one generation to the next is a difficult phase", says Hannelore Leimer. "I see it as my responsibility to be involved constructively in this transition in our business with an orientation on the future. And at the moment the generation change is affecting not only the board but must also occur successively across the entire business. I see it as my task to contribute my many years of experience to this process of renewal and to be actively involved in the realignment."

edited by Petra Gottwald

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