05. February 2019 | Technology & Machinery

CO₂-laser systems for composites materials

Eurolaser: Berührungsloses und präzises Laserschneiden von Verbundmaterialien
Contactless and precise laser cutting of composite materials
Source: Eurolaser
eurolaser is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer for modular CO₂ laser systems up to 3.20 meters in width and length. The laser systems are ideal for cutting various materials, even as composites materials - whether it deals with sheets or roll material. Traditional mechanical methods, such as knife cutting or punching are considerable, powerful, dust-intensive and cost-intensive. Besides, there is significant tool wear so that the tools need to be changed. Cutting edges often fray and need to be reprocessed in further working steps.

In addition, the contour of the punching tool is not flexibly changeable. In contrast, contactless laser cutting is flexible, clean, fast and cost effective, as there will be no costs for new tools. It also allows distortion-free cutting and highest precision. Regardless of the fabric structure, processing in all directions is possible. Due to reduced dust generation during the cutting process, the cleaning effort is significantly reduced.

At the JEC World in Paris, which will take place from March 12-14, 2019, eurolaser will present its L-1200 and M-800 laser cutting systems with efficiency-enhancing additional components in hall 5A on stand T41. The L-1200 conveyor laser system, especially configured for cutting textiles, ensures automatic and accurate material feed directly from the roll. The M-800, equipped with an automatic shuttle table system (STA), allows parallel loading, processing and removal of workpieces. The Lüneburg-based company will demonstrate live on-site the cutting of glass fiber fabric and a carbon sheet material called ‘organic sheet’.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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