15. May 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

imat-uve collaborates with Trevira in the development of self-luminous surfaces

In cooperation with Trevira, imat-uve develops innovative textile surfaces for the automotive industry. One project is the use of phosphorescent yarns for textiles in the vehicle interior, such as seat covers. The luminous yarn, a stretched, phosphorescent plain yarn, transforms the textile itself into a luminaire element, thereby expanding the possibilities of indirect lighting. The yarn is a very fine, open multifilament and can be used, for example, as a base for an embroidery. Embroidery offers the advantage of a very high design diversity as well as individual surface functionalization as it influences elasticity, tensile strength, abrasion resistance and drapability. An important advantage in the use of this phosphorescent yarn is the ability of the afterglow. If the yarn is loaded in natural or synthetic light, it also illuminates for several hours without the influence of a light source. Fluorescent yarn, on the other hand, requires a constant irradiation to illuminate.

The common goal of Trevira and imat-uve is to develop the phosphorescent yarn for use in the vehicle and for the associated high requirements. From 9th to 12th May 2017 the visitors of Techtextil in Frankfurt experienced the light effect of the yarn on the stand of Trevira as well as of imat-uve.

edited by Angelika Hörschelmann

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