15. May 2019 | Techtextil

Pfand: Finishing using the latest equipment

Pfand auf der Techtextil
Clipping machine
Source: Pfand

The Lengenfeld exhibitor's range of products takes into account the new wide ranging requirements that customers place on a finishing company as an important part of the textile chain. These are reflected in a strong ecological awareness, high quality standards as well as conformity to norms and standards, the desire for multifunctional finishing and the realization of several production steps as a complete complex service.

One of the innovations in the company is the modern reverse slitter machine installed for the opening of circular knitted fabrics made of different materials. Together with other new aggregates, Pfand was able to expand its range of finishing products to include circular knitted fabrics, particularly for technical applications.

In addition to the machines and systems for finishing air-tips put into operation in 2017, a state-of-the-art clipping machine was installed in 2018. The machine is able to open the longitudinal oriented pile yarns of warp-knitted and woven fabrics to prepare the fabrics for the following shearing process.

Hall 3.1 Booth E44

edited by Petra Gottwald

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