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We always strive for excellence. Schott & Meissner is your partner of choice for Thermal Bonding, Heat Treatment, Drying, Thermofix®-Consolidation and Process Engineering.

Schott & Meissner
Source: Schott & Meissner

Are you developing new nonwoven or composite products and would like to verify it?

We invite you to Blaufelden where you are more than welcome to use our laboratory line with its unique combination of a double-belt oven TopCon MAP and a double-belt press Thermofix®.

Laminating or consolidation trials can be done in our technology center to determine setting parameters for a future production line.

Due to our flexible setup, additional periphery can be installed between the main machinery, like a powder scattering unit.

Our Thermal-Bonding Oven TopCon MAP is a very flexible system and can be run with three different airflow settings. The innovative Combi-Airflow-Zone can be run either in cooling or heating mode, to act as a pre-heating oven for the Thermofix®.

Of course, we are also able to offer whole thermal-bonding trials. Therefore, our state-of-the-art TopCon MAP can be tested thoroughly at our business partner in France where we are able to simulate a whole aerodynamic webforming process.


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