Material matters: Freudenberg materials make the difference.

Freudenberg Performance Materials is a leading global manufacturer of innovative technical textiles offering differentiated value propositions to a broad range of markets and applications such as Apparel, Automotive, Building Materials, Hygiene, Medical, Shoe and Leather Goods as well as Specialties. The company employs around 3,800 people at 25 manufacturing sites in 14 countries.

The company’s social and environmental responsibility is reflected in its processes and products. These help to meet the challenges of megatrends such as climate change and demographic change. Freudenberg Performance Materials' global R&D network works with you to find the solutions you need for your success tomorrow.

Safety for electric vehicles

New Specialties
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One of the major challenges for the future is climate change. Mobility plays a key role in this area. New technologies are needed to achieve the necessary CO2 reduction. One of them are battery-powered vehicles. They are already in use, but there is scope for improvement in the present generation in terms of battery capacity and safety. The thermal instability of battery separators is one of the safety risks. For this reason, Freudenberg is developing ultra-thin battery separators made from ceramic-coated nonwovens. These materials ensure that the separators remain stable at high temperatures and do not shrink.
The weight of the vehicles plays an important role in their range. That is why Freudenberg is working on particularly lightweight products for car interiors.


High functionality for fuel cell vehicles

To date, vehicles with fuel cell powertrains have been something of a niche product. However, there are indications that they may play a more important role in the future. In comparison with battery-powered vehicles, they have a longer range, can be refueled in only a few minutes and are therefore also suitable for buses and trucks. Gas diffusion layers are essential component of fuel cells. They ensure that the hydrogen fuel is converted into power as efficiently as possible. Freudenberg has developed nonwoven gas diffusion layers with a three-dimensional fiber structure and a chemically stable coating of electrically conductive carbon particles. These materials ensure a highly functional component. Freudenberg is one of the few manufacturers in the world with the capacities required for the series production of gas diffusion layers for use in fuel cells.


Optimized efficiency in the energy infrastructure

Often, very little attention is paid to a key aspect of e-mobility, holistic solutions for CO2 reduction, i.e. including energy supply and infrastructure. There are two approaches in this area. To compensate for fluctuations in power generation from renewable sources, either lithium-ion batteries or high-performance redox flow batteries may be used as energy storage devices. One key area of work in connection with redox flow batteries is efficiency optimization. This is Freudenberg's objective in developing nonwoven electrodes for these batteries. Their unique three-dimensional channel structure improves liquid flow within the battery.


PU foams for modern wound care

Medicine uses modern wound care products in the treatment of complex chronic wounds. Freudenberg materials made from hydroactive fibers create a moist wound environment that accelerates the wound healing process. Wounds heal twice as fast as is the case with dry wound care and thus also result in lower treatment costs. A new PU foam-fleece laminate significantly improves the absorption and retention of wound dressings. The silicone-backed PU foam helps customers to offer wound dressings that are much more flexible and more adaptable to the wound bed than traditional products.


Sustainability for outdoor clothing

Sustainability has long since penetrated into all areas of life. Ecological approaches exist not only in conventional clothing, but also in the sports sector. Freudenberg developed comfortemp® fiberball eco for these applications. It has proved a hit with branded garment manufacturers like PYUA. Made from fiber balls derived from recycled PET bottles, it is the perfect thermal insulation for PYUA's range of sustainable outdoor clothing.



Source: Freudenberg
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