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Shape the future at the Dornbirn-GFC 2019

Dornbirn 2018
Dornbirn 2019
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Sustainability/circular economy, digitalization, technical textiles, nonwovens and the first startups are the hot topics at the Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress, Austria. More than 100 international experts will present their latest innovations of the textile industry.
Due to the undeniable climate change and the eco-social imbalances on the globe, sustainable resource management has become a key element for our future. So has become fundamental rethinking in many ways.

As generator of ideas and networks, the Dornbirn-GFC would like to encourage rethinking and thus, offers its platform of sustainability and circular economy.

"Microplastics" - A challenge of the 21st century. The internationally renowned marine research centre "Scripps Institution of Oceanography" in California has been won over for the congress! The American expert Sarah-Jeanne Royer will present new research results and solutions.

How to deal with the "digital footprint" or the "Life Cycle Analysis"? - Criteria that are used in the very performance-driven textile and nonwovens industry will be completely re-introduced into the evaluation in the future.

Robert Rosellen/Dir Microsoft brings the technology from the software industry into the game. Can it make a positive contribution to recycling management and sustainability? The digitalization expert will provide new aspects and innovations relevant to this field.

“Think digital. But is it also secure…?!” - top expert Stefan Achleitner from Palo Alto Networks/California will provide profound insights into “Cyber Security” - what does the actual landscape look like?
The First Dornbirn-GFC startup days
The first Dornbirn-GFC startup days take place on September 11 - 12, in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Because of being characterized by a different devel-opment dynamic in comparison to established companies, startups often have to face failure. In spite of innovative ideas, gap closure between technology and the market are regu-larly missing. The Startup Days are designed to provide a networking platform for young companies.  
Startups in the areas of
  • Smart Fibers
  • Smart Applications
  • Smart SportsTech & Outdoor
  • Smart Sustainability & Circular Economy

will be present at the congress. The participants of the Dornbirn-GFC 2019 will be welcomed with ideas and visions at the “Startup Tent” on the congress site.

Simply download the new main Programme
The new main programme for the 58th Dornbirn-GFC covers a detailed overview of the approx. 100 expert lectures presented parallel within two and a half days in three halls of the Kulturhaus Dornbirn.

Download available here: www.dornbirn-gfc.com

edited by Petra Gottwald

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