Anja Schumann

Anja Schumann
Anja Schumann, born in 1983, studied textile and leather technology at the University of Applies Sciences and graduated with a diploma in 2005. She began her professional career as a research associate at the Saxonian Textile Research Institute, Chemnitz, where she specialized in textile finishing, coating and laminating. Her main focus was the wet finishing of technical textiles and nonwovens as well as the coating and lamination of different carrier materials. She played a decisive role in the implementation of hotmelt technology. Her main areas of work were amongst others PVC plastisols, adhesive systems, laminating systems, membrane systems and the basic materials such as knitted fabrics, fabrics and nonwovens.

Since 2011, she has been working as a freelance editor for the "avr - Allgemeiner Vliesstoffreport". In 2015, she joined the nonwovens producer TENOWO GmbH, where she worked as a project manager. Since 2017 she is team leader of this department at Mittweida.


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