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19. April 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

Pure nature

The U.S. Department of Agriculture grants its “biobased” certificate to the acetic acid, furfural and magnesium lignosulfonate produced by the Lenzing Group. more

11. April 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

Danufil, Olea, Bramante & Danufil BF

„Our core strength is the exact matching of our fibres to our customer’s specific needs, to their final product or to their production process. This way we generate added value for the customer and that is the best foundation for a long-lasting and successful partnership.” more

05. April 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

Every fiber in our body

Smartes Wundenmonitoring Ever since the invention of sticking plaster, plaster casts and operating-theatre apparel, if not before, the textile industry has made an important contribution to the healthcare business. From the dialogue that has gone on between the two sectors, we can, in future, expect high-tech ‘replacement parts’, rehabilitation technology more

24. March 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

Trevira: New developments in fibres for the nonwovens industry

affeepad-Vliese aus Trevira Fasern. Polyester fiber specialist from Bobingen is presenting in Geneva more

15. February 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

“100 % cellulose fibres – re-thought”

Bei der Siegerehrung By organising a competition for new ideas on the subject “100 % cellulose fibres – re-thought” viscose fibre manufacturer Kelheim Fibres has broken new ground in innovation management. The competition was part of the start-up contest “Plan B – Biomass. Business. Bavaria“ organised by Bio-Campus more

09. February 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

Recycled carbon fiber for automotive applications

eQ1 electric vehicle  The goal is to further reduce the weight of the eQ1, which already makes extensive use of aluminium technology, through selective use of carbon fiber composites. more

07. February 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

Thermal insulation

Wattierung aus Faserbällchen For sportswear and outdoor jackets this means ideally warm, light and breathable garments. Up to now, down has always been the first choice for thermal insulation. Now, however, Freudenberg Performance Materials is set to present more

11. January 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

Feel-good fiber

Die Faser Tencel beweist sich in der Hotellerie beim Einsatz von Bettwäsche  The Tencel fiber is demonstrating its worth in the hotel business in bed linens. more

09. December 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Individual fibre types for nonwoven wallpapers

Advansa, ein Hauptlieferanten für die Vliestapetenindustrie For more than 20 years, Advansa marks its position as one of the main suppliers for the nonwoven wallpaper industry and offers more

22. November 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Airbag yarns on the rise

According to estimates from Business Wire, the demand for airbags will increase by five percent annually over the next five years. To date, airbags have been predominantly manufactured using polyamide 6.6 yarns. However, there is a noticeable trend with these challenging industrial filament yarns towards polyester. more

26. October 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

" ... the never-ending success of man-made fibres ..."

The report, ?Information on Man-made Fibres?, is the 52nd edition of this unique summary of all available information about this developing industry. CIRFS: European Man-made Fibres Association, the Brussels-based association representing the European man-made fibres industry, is glad to announce the publication of its latest statistical report on developments in the world man-made fibres industry. more

26. October 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Demand for laminates made of recycled PET bottles increases in the corporate wear sector

Sympatex Lady's Parka RATP The public transport in Paris (RATP) already uses the two- and three-layer laminates made of recycled PET bottles. more

29. September 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

The "black fiber"

By developing a viscose fiber which provides static dissipation, Kelheim Fibres broadens its already comprehensive range of speciality viscose fibres. The black more

26. September 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Domtar to optimize fluff pulp production

Domtar Corporation plans to optimize fluff pulp manufacturing at its Plymouth mill. more

14. September 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

New method to measure softness

Lenzing definiert Weichheit in Textilien neu Lenzing is demonstrating its innovative expertise and presenting a new method to measure softness together with the German instrument manufacturers, Emtec Electronic more

12. September 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Kelheim: Viscose speciality fibres fimprove filter performance

Unlike other cellulosic fibres such as cotton or wood pulp, viscose fibres are distinguished by their well-defined and reproducible properties that allow them to be designed to meet the needs of processing steps and adapted to each application. For example, the porosity and surface of a filter can be precisely controlled by more

06. September 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Sympatex takes the next consistent step of the sustainability strategy with 100 % recycled membrane

3-Lagen Warmfutter-Laminat mit recycelten Materialien At the Lineapelle (20th to 22nd September 2016), Sympatex Technologies, Munich / Unterföhring, will introduce specific plans for a 100 % recycled more

05. September 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Tailor-made viscose fibres with benefits for hygiene and the environment

These aspects are the key elements of two presentations at this year’s Dornbirn Man-made Fibers Congress (20 to 22.09) that will highlight the latest activities of renowned viscose speciality fibre manufacturer Kelheim Fibres. The presentations, however, will show completely different applications of viscose speciality fibres. more

01. September 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Invista expands US facility to offer breakthrough small-lot, solution-dyed nylon 6,6 technology

Collaboration with equipment manufacturer Truetzschler enables new capability for nylon 6,6 more

24. August 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Lenzing: Expansion program for specialty fiber production capacities started

The Lenzing Group significantly improved earnings in the first half-year 2016 compared to the first half-year 2015. The disciplined implementation of the new group strategy sCore TEN with a clear focus on profitable growth more

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