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29. May 2017 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

New trend report "Standards and labels for bio-based products”

It is not always easy to communicate the benefits of bio-based and/or biodegradable materials to the market. Europe is working on standards and norms as one key area to promote bio-based materials. But what do you need to get your product certified? more

07. April 2017 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

New company Pontacol establishes out of Collano Adhesives AG

Based on a strategically concentration Swiss based company Collano Adhesives AG has decided to spin off a part of the business into the new found company Pontacol AG. more

29. March 2017 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Evonik presents new generation of superabsorbents

Neue Generation von Superabsorbern Just a few grams of the new high-performance superabsorbent ensure fast absorption of large amounts of fluids and lasting dryness. more

24. March 2017 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Sustainable textile coatings for medical applications

Anwendungen in medizinischen Textilbeschichtungen Recently, textile coating applications in the medical environment have become a new focus of Covestro’s material development. more

06. March 2017 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Dimensionally stable nonwovens

Bindemittel Acronal 2434 ermöglicht dimensionsstabile Vliesstoffe für Bau- und Schleifmittelanwendungen With Acronal 2434, BASF presents a new aqueous acrylic binder for nonwovens meeting high thermo-dimensional stability requirements.

29. November 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Borealis: Record net profit for the first nine months

Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins and base chemicals, announces a net profit of EUR 304 million in the third quarter of 2016 compared to EUR more

06. October 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Wacker Expands US-based Research and Development Capacities for Silicones

Die US-Konzerntochter Wacker Chemical Corporation betreibt am Produktionsstandort in Adrian, Michigan, auch ein technisches Anwendungszentrum. The Munich based chemical company is expanding its research and development facilities for silicones by establishing a new R&D center located in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. The facility is dedicated to support Wacker’s overall business and product development in the North, Central and South America regions. In a first phase, the Group is investing a single digit million US-dollar figure mainly for equipment and installation of the labs. The facility will officially open in the first half of 2017. more

12. September 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Evonik reduces production capacity for superabsorbents

Evonik recently reduced production capacity for superabsorbents by 40,000 metric tons to 530,000 meric tons per year. The production lines concerned are those at the more

07. July 2016 | News, Views & Markets

ITASA acquires Akronn and expands its product range to film based liners

ITASA becomes a global manufacturer of release liners. With the acquisition of Akronn, ITASA reinforces its position in Asia, and extends its product range to film based release liners. more

22. June 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

CHT: Record investments

Querschnitt eines mit Stabilschaum beschichteten Gewebes For the CHT Group the business year 2015 was a year of superlatives. With historically high sales amounting to 409 million EUR the very strong business year 2014 was even topped. Sales were higher by 23 million EUR respectively 6.1 % than those of the previous year.

02. June 2016 | News, Views & Markets

Global premiere of XTREME RENEW at the EREMA Discovery Day 2016

Erema introduced the direct processing of PET flakes for food contact compliant inline preforms in just one processing step at its Discovery Day 2016 more

01. June 2016 | News, Views & Markets

Teijin at China's International Exhibition of Senior Care, Rehabilitation Medicine and Healthcare 2016

CHINA AID is one of the country’s largest welfare and rehabilitation trade fairs. This will be Teijin’s first participation in the exhibition, which last year hosted 300 participating companies and more than 30,000 visitors. more

27. May 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Bostik announces adhesives breakthrough for disposable hygiene market

Brilliance elastic attachment adhesive removes trade-offs while improving disposable hygiene production efficiencies more

18. May 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Wacker presents new hydrophilic softener for textile finishing

Der Tropfentest beweist: Textilien, die mit Wetsoft NE 750 behandelt wurden, sind äußerst saugfähig. The main constituents are block copolymers based on aminofunctional silicones and polyglycol. more

03. May 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Wacker presents Silicone Adhesive for wound dressings and tapes

"All three silicone gels adhere strongly to the skin without sticking to the wounds, and they can be peeled off painlessly without leaving a residue," commented the company. more

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