17. May 2017 | Technology & Machinery

Lectra supports world-leading automotive supplier’s airbag operations launch

The  world  leader  in  integrated  technology  solutions  dedicated  to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, helps ZF TRW, the Active and  Passive  Safety  Division  of  ZF  Friedrichshafen  AG,  pursue  its  airbag  growth  strategy  with  the delivery of two FocusQuantum FT6K for multi-ply airbag fabric for ZF TRW Occupant Safety Systems.

The new cutting room will expand the German car parts maker’s airbag cutting capacity in Europe. This latest collaboration between Lectra and its longtime customer builds on a mutual relationship of trust reaching back to previous ZF TRW projects in Portugal, Poland, Mexico and China. Having recently devised a worldwide airbag growth strategy, the company turned once more to Lectra to help reinforce the capacity of its European manufacturing base.

Early in 2016, Lectra unveiled the revolutionary FocusQuantum range, leading to certification of the integrated airbag cutting solution by the customer’s cutting room managers across the globe. Later that year, ZF TRW also certified Lectra’s FocusQuantum Suite cutting preparation software. The stringent process carried out by ZF TRW bore out the productivity, performance and quality of the state-of-the-art airbag cutting solution and advanced software system.

“By  evaluating  the solution  in  accordance  with established practices,  we  were able to  confirm that FocusQuantum will help satisfy the projected output of our newest facility,” notes Victor Seoane, head of Global Manufacturing Engineering for Inflatable Restraint Systems, ZF TRW. "We were impressed by the innovation that Lectra’s FocusQuantum offers, enabling us to significantly reduce our cutting cost per bag."

“With this new collaboration, Lectra demonstrates yet again the added value built into the integrated design  of  FocusQuantum,”  states  Céline  Choussy  Bedouet,  Chief  Marketing  and  Communications Officer,  Lectra.  "The  acquisition  of  two  FocusQuantum  will  enable  ZF  TRW  to  meet  short-term productivity objectives while also laying the foundation for future growth.”

edited by Angelika Hörschelmann

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