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TWE: Sustainable nonwoven solutions

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Pressed car side door
Source: TWE

At the Group's stand many applications for nonwovens made from recycled or bio-fibers will be shown. TWE has been working in many areas for years with alternative raw materials or recycled fibers. At one of their 13 locations, for example, almost only natural fiber nonwovens made from renewable raw materials have been produced for the last 15 years. These are used in pressed parts in the automobile sector, which not only have a good environmental balance through the use of bio fibers, but also save weight and thus also reduce fuel consumption.

Recycling fibers

But recycled fibers are also used at all other locations. In many cases the products also enable energy savings during production, lower storage and logistics costs through thinner materials and less weight or the option of 100% self-recycling later on.

But it is not only the use of organic or recycled fibers that is important to the company within the production of nonwovens. TWE nonwovens can do a lot more. As acoustic or thermal insulation, for example, they contribute to a higher quality of life in many areas. “Sustainability means for us that our products have the ability to improve our entire lives in many ways.From warming nonwovens in clothing, to filter nonwovens for clean air and pure liquids, to noise-reducing acoustic nonwovens - there are no limits for the use of nonwovens,” the company states.

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edited by Petra Gottwald

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